Top 5 Tips for Job Seekers in 2015

 Want the best chance of scoring the job you want in 2015? Read our top tips for job seekers to give you the competitive edge in today's job market.

Applying for jobs can sometimes be a trying exercise for job seekers. Technology has provided jobseekers with new ways to help them find jobs, such as using social media as a tool; while some old-age tips such as networking still work in today’s world.

Below are some additional Job Seeker Tips for 2015 to help you find the job you want this year:


#1 – Maintain an up-to-date Profile and be Active on LinkedIn

The first tip for the modern job seeker is to ensure you have a comprehensive and up-to-date LinkedIn profile so potential employers can find you online; and you can find vacant positions advertised through this platform. According to LinkedIn themselves, a complete profile is 39x more likely to be viewed than an incomplete or inconsistent one, whilst 50% of successful applicants were participating in LinkedIn groups and 40% engaging with the platform more broadly via shares, likes and comments.


#2 – Nurture Your Professional Relationships

The old adage “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is still extremely relevant in today’s job seekers. Tip number two is to maintain your professional relationships with colleagues, mentors and friends who through their own connections, experience or knowledge may be able to help you find your next job and advance your career. A LinkedIn study of successful new hires found that 65% were sending connecting requests and 45% were endorsing connections in the three months leading up to their job change.


#3 – Join Relevant Industry Groups (Online & Offline)

Joining and participating in industry groups and associations is another effective way to not only make friends and learn more about the industry you work in (or want to work in), but can also lead you to new positions via the word-of-mouth “hidden job market”. Technology has made the process of finding relevant groups super easy, with platforms such as and offering countless groups based on your interests and location. Get involved and elevate your name!


#4 – Subscribe to Online Job-Alerts for Industries and Positions of Interest

Subscribing to job alerts, which you can do by industry, position, or a combination of both, is one of the simplest ways for a job seeker to stay up-to-date with vacant positions they may consider applying for. Most job sites including Apply Direct offer this powerful function.


#5 – Apply Direct to Organisations that You’d Like to Work For

The final tip for a job seeker in 2015 is to apply directly to the organisations you’d like to work for, once you have a well-written resume, your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, and all the other elements of your job-seeking “package” are in place. Applying direct allows you the opportunity to have your resume land on the desk of the person actually doing the hiring. Apply Direct is a great way to find jobs in numerous fields all on the one website; allowing you to liaise direct with employers looking to hire. 

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