Trendy Jobs for Millennials

Millennials are just as likely to work for a cause over high pay. Read through our post on trendy jobs for millennials and make a job out of your passion!

What’s considered ‘on trend’ is constantly changing. This can be said for fashion, music, art – and even attitudes about employment and career paths. Studies have shown that millennials are less motivated by money when it comes to choosing a career, and driven instead by a desire to work for something other than a pay cheque. With trendy jobs typically characterised by careers in the arts, the younger generations of today are more likely than ever to veer towards creative roles as opposed to more traditional employment. As such, certain industries have seen un-precedented growth in younger job-seekers wanting to get on-board. We’ve outlined a few of our picks for top jobs for millennials; where passions have been made into careers!


Vintage Store Assistant: With vintage fashion becoming increasingly popular, so too are jobs in vintage stores.  These days, translating a passion for pre-loved clothing can be made into a fully-fledged career. Whilst there are numerous ways to break into the vintage clothing industry, working as a sales assistant within a store tends to be the most common. This role requires not only a high level of customer service, but also knowledge of apparel history.  With days spent steaming garments, fitting customers, and curating displays it’s no wonder jobs in vintage stores are highly sought after. What’s more, the skills learnt as a retail assistant can be easily translatable into other positions. For example, the ability to balance books is not only an important life skill, but also one needed in positions such as an administrative assistant. As such, this role is often used as stepping stone to other positions.


Barista  There’s no doubt coffee is the beverage of choice for many.  Its popularity as an artisan beverage has also lead to a booming barista industry. One of the trendiest jobs for millennials at the moment (in particular in states such as Melbourne!) is to become a barista. Whilst a barista’s primary role is to make coffee for customers, these days’ jobs can also include coffee roasting, packing, production roles, and green coffee buying jobs. Most cafes and coffee shops will hire a barista with little to no experience, and provide them with on the job training. If a career as a barista is what you really aspire to, there are numerous training courses available. The growth of barista roles has even lead to competitions such as the world barista championships. As the popularity of this drink continues to grow, so too will job prospects within this industry.


Graphic Designer: Graphic design is another career that has grown in popularity, particularly with younger individuals. With the industry constantly evolving, it’s never been a more exciting time to be involved in the world of digital design. Graphic designers are primarily concerned with visual communications. That is, determining how to convey a message through colour, images, and symbols. Graphic designers can work as freelancers, or part of a larger team within an agency or for a business. Whilst some designers have forged a career based on work experience alone, in general  a course or University Degree is required. New technology means a need to stay up to date with the latest tools, platforms, and trends – making this career fast paced and exciting. As such, it’s not surprising this is one of the most popular careers for millennials.


Writer: Writing has long been romanticised as a career, and not much has changed. These days however, there are more opportunities for professional writers than ever before. The majority of writers are self-employed. Permanent work can usually be found in publishing in an editorial capacity, within agencies as content marketers, or within journalistic roles. This sector is generally quite competitive, as such having a strong network and portfolio of works is essential. No formal qualifications are needed to become a writer, but usually a high school diploma is a minimum. Many institutions such as Universities or Colleges offer short courses in creative writing – which may be helpful in gaining specific skills and building out a portfolio.

These are just some awesome jobs for millennials – if you none of these roles interest you, check out all the other jobs we have advertised direct from hiring employers!

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