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    In today’s workforce, data-driven decision-making is a significant method for HR professionals to add economic value to their organisations’ bottom line. Measuring how effectively your careers page works is one of the most important ways to do this. 

    Your careers page is the digital face of your HR team. It’s where candidates will take their first look into what it’s like to work at your company and the opportunities that are available, so it’s crucial you get this part right. 

    Luckily, the data doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to keep track of. The key is knowing which metrics to monitor… 

    Here are the top 3 metrics to monitor on your careers site: 

    1 – Number of Visitors 

    The total number of visitors to your careers site or page is a simple but essential metric to measure. Knowing how many people are visiting your careers page is essential for seeing how effective your job postings are in reaching potential candidates.  

    It is also an important metric to measure for calculating conversions. For example, if you get 100 completed applications you might think this is great. It seems like a huge number and your campaign must be running well.  

    But then you see that you had 10,000 visitors to your careers page. You realise that only 1% of visitors are completing your application and therefore there is probably something in your application process you need to improve on.  

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    2 – Application Form Abandon Rate 

    The goal is to have as low an abandonment rate as you possibly can.  If you notice that your applications have a high abandon rate, there may be a few reasons why. 

    Some changes you can look to make include: 

    • Shorten your application form.  
    • Make sure your application is mobile-friendly. 
    • Use clear instructions for filling out each section. 
    • Check the loading time of the page. 

    3 – Source Of Applications  

    Understanding where your applicants are coming from will help you establish what recruitment marketing campaigns and channels are the most successful.  

    Are your applicants coming from organic traffic such as Google? Or perhaps your email newsletter? Or maybe your LinkedIn ads? Whichever channels are the most successful are the ones you can continue to invest in.  

    If there are channels that are not delivering applicants, you can think about how you could change those marketing campaigns. Or perhaps you will have discovered that your target candidates do not use this channel and you can abandon those campaigns. 

    To Sum Up 

    The importance of a high-performing careers page cannot be overstated… 

    Keeping track of your careers page metrics will help you evaluate its performance. You can then optimise your time and budget using your gained insights and improve your overall hiring process.